Dec 18

GOLMOKGIL Mixtape #71 – Red Pig Flower (Sound Of Vast / Berlin)


#71. Red Pig Flower

“많이 놀아야(클러빙) 한다. 많은 클럽에 가보고 다양한 음악을 들어봐야해요. 그리고 자신이 충분히 이 음악과 문화를 좋아한다는 생각이 들 때 디제이를 시작했으면 좋겠어요. 좀 고리타분한 조언이죠”.

“You would have to go out clubbing a lot. You would have to go to various clubs and listen to different music. It’d be advisable to start DJing when you actually know that you like this music and culture enough. It’s a bit boring of an advice”.

Check out her interview and mix here !

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