Jun 09

GOLMOKGIL Summer Mixtape #72 – No I’m Not (rm360)


#72. No I’m Not

“숍들을 다니면서 혹은 개인적인 셀러를 만나 구매했던 레코드들에 대한 기록(record)이 머릿속에 한 순간도 빠짐없이 모조리 남아있어요. 날씨는 어땠는지, 기분은 어땠는지 이걸 사서 들고오면서 어떤 생각을 했는지, 이걸 사와서 처음 듣고 난 무슨 감정을 느꼈는지. 사러간건 레코드인데, 돌이켜보면 그 날의 시간까지 사버린거죠”.

“I remember every single ‘record’ of buying my records whether that be from a record shop or from an individual seller. What the weather was like that day, how I was feeling and what I was thinking on my way home, what I felt after listening to it for the first time… I had gone to buy a record but looking back at it now, I bought part of that whole day”.

Check out his interview and mix here !

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