GOLMOKGIL Mixtape #74 – Yard One / Tryst (UK, Netherlands)
Mar 25

GOLMOKGIL Mixtape #74 – Yard One / Tryst (UK, Netherlands)

#74. Yard One / Tryst

제가 15-16살 때 쯤 친구들이 하우스와 테크로를 소개시켜줬는데 이맘때 쯤 저는 Ricardo Vilalobos와 Sven Vath 와 같은 디제이들을 보려고 런던에서 클럽을 다니기 시작했고 바로 매료되었어요. 이 때부터 지금까지 끝나지 않는 음악과 디제잉의 발견의 길을 걷고 있는 것 같아요“.

I was introduced to House and Techno, mainly minimal music by friends when I was around 15/16, I started going out in London around this time seeing DJʼs like Ricardo Villalobos and Sven Vath and got instantly hooked, Iʼve been on a never-ending path of discovery ever since in terms of finding music and DJing“.

Check out his interview and mix here !

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